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Phone: 132 067 | Branch Information | Site Map | BSB: 932 000 | Lost/Stolen Card Hotline: 1800 139 241(Australia wide toll free)
email: | Fax: 02 6776 0430 | Phone Banking: 1300 363 777 | Overseas: +61 2 8775 9181


What details do I give out for funds to be credited/debited from my account?
You will need to quote your BSB number (932-000), your member number and your account name. If you have an S1 (etc) type of account, this cannot be quoted to an external party for credits/debits, for example if your member number is 123456 and your account a S50, your account number is 123456. Please note that if any of these details are incorrect credits or debits may be rejected.

Can Swift Access (Phone Banking) be set-up over the phone?
Yes, simply by calling 132 067 within opening hours.

Can Internet Access be set-up over the telephone?
No. To have Internet Access set-up for your account you can visit your local branch or by returning the following form to us. Account Access & Facility Form.

Can I request a transfer from my account to another Community Mutual Group member's account over the telephone or by email?
Unless you are an Authority to Operate or Power of Attorney on BOTH accounts, you cannot transfer to or from another member's account over the telephone or by email. You will be requested to visit your local branch, or send a request in writing (including your current details and signature) by fax or post to process this transaction. Alternatively, you can transfer to another member's account using the 'transfer' tool in Web Access.

Can I request a transfer from my account to another financial institution by email of telephone?
No. We are not permitted to complete this type of transaction over the phone or by email. You will be requested to visit your local branch, or send a request in writing by fax or post to process this transaction. Alternatively, you are able to transfer to any other financial institution via Internet Banking.

Where is my payment?
If you are waiting on a payment to come through to your account, please note that it can take 24-48 hours to reach your account from the time it was sent. If it has been over 48 hours you can contact us on 132 067 and we can check whether your payment has been received by the Community Mutual Group and/or has been rejected for any reason.

What does 'authorizations pledged' mean?
An authorised pledge is a transaction that is pending or 'held against the card number', but has not debited the account yet.

Someone from overseas wants to complete a transfer to my CMG account, what details do I need to give them?
You will need to advise them to use the following details:
Name of account holder: Community Mutual Ltd.
Account Number: 835489086
BSB: 012 510
Swift Code: ANZBAU3M
Reference Field: Your membership name (the name your account is in) and your membership number.

I would like to transfer funds to an account overseas, how do I go about this?
You will need to complete a form (download here) with all relevant details of the account in which you are transferring to. These type of transactions are processed in branch and completed through Travelex. There is a fee associated with doing a Telegraphic Transfer- the fee is $30 or $50 depending on the destination in which the funds are going to.

I'm planning on going overseas, what do I need to do?
If you are planning on going overseas in the near future, please contact us on 132 067 to advise us the dates that you will be away and in what locations you plan to be. This is so we can safely monitor your account for possible fraud. You may also need to provide an alternate contact number prior to leaving Australia in the case that fraud is evident.

What do I do if I notice a transaction on my account that I have not made?
Firstly, call us on 132-067 to cancel your card. If it is not within operating hours for our Service Support Team, please contact the Visa Hotline on 1800 139 241 to report your card as lost or stolen. You will be required to send a written request to us including details of the transaction (i.e. date, description, amount and what type of card you use). Once this request has been received, a formal dispute will commence where we will attempt to recover your funds. This process can take up to 45 days for Visa transactions and 21 days for EFT transactions. Please note that these time-frames may be extended and you will receive written notification to advise of this.

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